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Stellar Downlight 165

The Stellar Series of LED downlights offers a 1:1 replacement of recessed fittings typically equipped with traditional CFL's. The fixtures are available in standard sizes, and matched to deliver the equivalent of a CFL recessed fitting from 18-52W, ensuring the same amount of light as in the original lighting design. The LEDs are optimally driven for secure operation and longevity, and the light output is matched to full operation (hot Lumens). The range is delivered with a dimmable driver as standard that operates with most electronic dimmers available on the market.


  • Full dimmability on most common electronic RC dimmers.
  • Energy savings up to 40% compared to CFL fittings. (based on power usage and delivered Lux levels)
  • These types of fittings are commonly used in corridors and offices, operating long hours.